The Author

Sitting In My Office I was Stunned and Amazed.

It was the Fall of 2003 and I was thinking about the past two years: I had left music, gotten a “real job” and I had just been promoted a fourth time!

Then I realized three things:

  • I had been promoted again because of what the company had taught me about success.
  • The things I had learned uncovered the reasons I had failed in music.
  • If I had been taught the same things as a musician, I would’ve succeeded in music.

Just like you.

I’m Steve Grossman.

I’m a Grammy (India Arie) and Academy of Country Music (Gibson/Miller Band) Award winning drummer turned corporate executive turned author, speaker and teacher.

  • I was Born in New York, began playing drums at age 2 and grew up wanting to be a professional musician more than anything else in the world. And for over 20 years, I was!
  • I played live and in the studio, toured most of the United States and some of the world.
  • I had a great run successes but I ultimately failed to build a long-term, solid and secure career in music.

So I got a job with a big corporation where I was taught the skills and principles of success.

So I Wrote a Book

Following the realization I described above, I realized I was not alone. I realized that every musician would be more successful if they were taught what I had been taught. So I wrote, Why I FAILED in the Music Business and How NOT to Follow in My Footsteps to share my experiences with people like you:

Passionately creative players, singers, songwriters, and aspiring artists who want to know how to build long-term, successful careers in music.

More specifically, this book is for musicians who are:

  • Just getting started and don’t know where to begin.
  • Ready to give in, give up and…GET A REAL JOB!
  • Anywhere in between.

In addition to the book, I invite you to check out my blog and other related services and resources over at my Your Success in Music site. Just like in the book, my goal in everything I do is to give you what you need to know to build a long-term, solid and secure music career.

If you’d like to learn more, connect with me here, through the comments or anywhere we both live online.

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